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Product Launch - Rotation Switch Series

Rotation Switch designed to provide years of trouble-free operation in a wide range of industries


Hawk, a leading global provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, announces the Rotation Switch Series for level sensing of low-density and potentially-explosive powders.


Each Rotation Switch unit from Hawk uses a rotating vane as a sensor to detect the level of a dust or powdered material. The vane is turned slowly by a brushless synchronous motor. As long as the level of the powder remains below the vane, the vane is free to turn. If the powder rises to the level of the vane, this stops the rotation. A switch turns off the synchronous motor and produces an output for an external control system. The vane sensing system means the Rotation Switch can be used for powdered materials with low densities (greater than 100 g/l or 6 lb/ft3).


About 80% of all industrial dust materials are potentially explosive, and can be ignited by sparks, high temperatures, static electricity, or electro-magnetic waves. Many common materials are potentially explosive, including sawdust, grain dust, cellulose, baking flour, laundry detergent, vitamin C, and finely-ground metals. The Hawk Rotation Switches have ATEX and FM approvals for operation in these potentially dangerous environments.


Hawk Rotation Switches are applicable to a wide range of industries, including plastics (powder, granula, pellets), building materials (lime, Styrofoam™, urea, cement, gypsum), food processing (milk powder, flour, salt, minerals, herbs), pulp and paper (wood pellets, sawdust), chemical processing (rubber, coatings, foam), and metal production (metal dust, additives).


The Rotation Switch unit is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. The drive system for the vane includes a friction clutch. This protects the drive gear against any mechanical blows to the vane. The vane shaft is supported by a high-grade slide bearing with a Teflon™ coating. The aluminum-coated enclosure is designed to stand up in tough applications (IP66/NEMA4 rating). The unit does not require calibration after installation.


Read more about the Rotation Switch.


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Product Launch - Rotation Switch Series


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