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Hawk Measurement Systems Launches New Hawk Sultan Sonar

New Hawk Sultan Sonar for flocculent interface or sludge bed-level measurement for the water and wastewater industry.

Middleton, MA (February 2, 2013) - Hawk Measurement Systems has announced the debut of the Sultan Sonar Sludge Bed Level Transmitter. It provides reliable flocculent interface or sludge bed-level measurement in sedimentation basins in the environmental (water / wastewater industry).

The technology utilized in this measurement is HAWK’s acoustic sonar. A transducer which is slightly submerged in the liquid transmits acoustic waves through the dense settling hindered layer and can detect either the height of the sludge bed or the flocculent interface level.

This is the first of many new products that Hawk Measurement will introduce to approach new industries and markets. “We are very excited about this new addition to the Hawk product family, as it fits a niche in municipal water and wastewater,” says Jerry Boisvert, Business Development/Marketing Specialist for Hawk Measurement. “In the mining and power industries, in our industrial bed level controller, the Orca is recognised for providing robust and dependable bed level measurements in punishing environments. Sultan Sonar is built on this same proven technology.” 

Key features of this product are:

  • Improved control and efficiency of the treatment process
  • Fully automated plant systems based on reliable sludge blanket level monitoring
  • Reduced operational costs with improved process control for downstream operations
  • Advanced warning of biological upset or hydraulic imbalance
  • Reduced maintenance and a 5-year warranty on the cleaning mechanism (no blades to replace)
  • Improved health and safety on site - (no manual dips required).

Hawk Measurement’s headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia, with its Americas headquarters in Middleton, Massachusetts. For over 25 years, HAWK has delivered products and services which provide point level controls, plugged chute detection and continuous level measurement in liquids and solids applications.

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Hawk Measurement Systems Launches New Hawk Sultan Sonar


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