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Speed, Power and Precision! Centurion Guided Radar (CGR)

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) announces the Centurion Guide Radar (CGR) to its portfolio of level measurement equipment.

Based on time-domain reflectometry (TDR), the CGR passes concentrated radar pulses through a rod or cable from the sensor to the material being measured. The dielectric constant (dK) of the measured material causes a change in impedance that in turn develops a wave reflection. That reflection is sent back up the probe to the sensor where the transit time is translated into distance using time of flight and time expansion.

The HAWK CGR is able to measure extremely low dielectric constant (1.5) and capable of working with different specific gravities and viscosities. Beam divergence issues and false echoes resulting from tank walls and obstructions are not present in guided wave radar systems since pulses are directed via a guide. Factors like surface turbulence, foam, pressure, dust, vacuum, vapors, temperature, dielectric constant, or tank obstructions do not influence the measurement. The precise and continuous level measurement technology of the HAWK CGR is spot-on for a variety of applications such as Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Cement Powders, Grain Industry, Paper and Pulp and Oil and Gas.

The CGR offers simple set up, auto calibration to any dielectric constant ≥1.5 and adjustable sensitivity. Also available is a selection of probes ranging from flexible cables to rigid rods as well as communication options such as 4-20mA with HART (Revision 7, Universal & Common Practice commands).

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Speed, Power and Precision! Centurion Guided Radar (CGR)


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