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Centurion Guided Radar - HART

The HAWK range of Guided Radar products are ideal for the measurement of liquids, sludge, powders and granules to a range of 18.5m (60ft) for level and interface. This technology is not affected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, changes in dielectric constant or coating of the probe.

Microwave pulses are transmitted along a cable or probe to the product being measured. At the point where the wave meets the product surface it is reflected by the product. The unit automatically calculates the distance to the pulse reflection using time of flight & time expansion. The intensity of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product. The instrument measures the time between emission and reception of the signal which is proportional to the distance.

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CGR HART Certificate of Registration
PDF - File Size: (35kb)
CGR SIL Certificate
PDF - File Size: (698kb)
CGR SIL0008 - Safety Manual
PDF - File Size: (1520kb)
PDF - File Size: (1752kb)
PDF - File Size: (11842kb)
IECEx CGR Certificate TSA 14.0037X-2
PDF - File Size: (5051kb)


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