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Praetorian takes its name from the most elite guards of the Roman Empire, charged with protecting Praetors, Senators and Emperors alike. HAWK’s Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing system lives up to this name and are at the forefront of asset protection.

Fiber Optic Sensing represents a pinnacle of current day sensor technology. This type of technology  allow for real time measurements of long assets such as pipelines, conveyers and fences by monitoring changes that occur in a fiber optic cable affixed to the asset.

Rather than a traditional point instrument, Praetorian’s sensing is distributed along the fiber thereby the entire cable is able to sense disturbances to the application.


What can Praetorian see?

Pretorian is able to be configured to sense the following:

  • Sound: Acoustics and Vibration: Acting as a hyper sensitive microphone at every point in the fiber listening for potential problems.
  • Temperature: Acting as a thermometer, heat detector or thermocouple at every point along the fiber, feeling for potential problems.
  • Strain: Tiny changes in stress and strain in the application can be picked up as if the fiber itself was made of thousands of strain gauges, predicting breakages and failures before they have a chance to occur.

Praetorian is modular in design depending on the application it is possible to have one or more of these sensing capabilities built in.


Where can I use it?

Praetorian is able to monitor any linear asset, examples Include:

  • Pipelines (above ground or buried)
  • Perimeters
  • Fences
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges

This modular hardware and software is unique and has world leading specifications and software for false positive minimisation and maximum flexibility for specific in-situ customer needs.

Hawk offers a range of software suites in order to accommodate the various applications that are able to be monitored with the Praetorian Fibre Optic Sensing System.


How does it work?

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) continuously monitors Vibration, Sound and Acoustic Energy along the fiber using a process called Rayleigh Backscatter along the entire length of an optical fiber. Using a “time of flight” calculation on the laser pulse the position of any incoming signal can be determined to within a meter.

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) work in a similar way, but use a looped fiber within the sensing cable to detect both Temperature and Strain. The laser is sent down both sides of this loop and the interference pattern allows for Brillouin Backscattering to be measured revealing changes to Strain and Temperature within the fiber.

Praetorian has a built-in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) which quickly records, processes and analyses the data collected by the system and detects and reports signals generated by problematic events within the environment.


What does Praetorian tell me?

Praetorian has a built in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and can be operated directly or connected to existing Control Systems (such as SCADA) via a digital communications protocol (Typically TCP/IP) and report:

  • The location of the alarm
  • The classification of the alarm
  • The alarms longitude and latitude
  • The intensity of the alarm
  • A time and date stamp of the alarm
  • And other detected conditions depending on the specific application



HAWK’s unique modular design means that it is possible to monitor up to 80 kilometres (50 miles) of fiber with a single system simultaneously detecting Temperature, Vibration and Strain. A single interrogator in one rack mounted enclosure is the most reliable and cost effective way to integrate multi-variable sensing of a Fiber Optic Sensing system.

Utilising a highly stable fiber optic laser, HAWK is able to achieve extreme signal stability and increased ranges. By reducing laser fluctuation even the smallest signals are able to be detected at great distances leading HAWK to have the best sensing capability in the market.


Who do I talk to? I want to know more!

For a presentation or demonstration please contact us at the following:

For the USA and Americas please email Info@hawkmeasure.com or call +1-978-304-3000.

For Australia and the rest of the world please email Info@hawk.com.au or call + 61 03 9873 4538 and we will put you in contact with your local Fiber Optic Sensing Specialist.



e-Praetorian for Power and Data Cable Monitoring v1.00
PDF - File Size: (1014kb)
e-Praetorian for Power and Data Cable Monitoring-USA version v1.00
PDF - File Size: (991kb)
e-Praetorian FOS for Conveyor Health v1.14
PDF - File Size: (2761kb)
e-Praetorian FOS Perimeter Security Brochure v1.52
PDF - File Size: (1266kb)
e-Praetorian FOS Perimeter Security Brochure-USA version v1.52
PDF - File Size: (1262kb)
e-Praetorian FOS Pipeline Brochure PCI v1.41
PDF - File Size: (1016kb)
e-Praetorian FOS Pipeline Brochure v1.43
PDF - File Size: (952kb)
e-Praetorian FOS Pipeline Brochure-USA version v1.43
PDF - File Size: (1020kb)
e-Praetorian FOS-Rail Network Health flyer
PDF - File Size: (452kb)
H2100 Datasheet v3
PDF - File Size: (477kb)
Leak Detection Sensing Cable_Datasheet v3
PDF - File Size: (611kb)


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