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OptioLaser S300 Liquid Laser Sensor

Principle of Operation

The OptioLaser S300 Liquid Lasers are user configurable, allowing optimal performance of your specific application. Using an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, light energy of 905 nm. travels to the surface of any liquid and is reflected back. This time-off-light (the time the laser pulse took to travel to the liquid and back) is then calculated into a distance.

The low-gain diode allows for accurate measurement of even highly reflective, clear liquids- regardless of the dielectric properties. The narrow beam divergence of 3 milliradians (equal to 3ft at 1000ft) allows for easy installation, even near walls or thru narrow passages. 


Primary Areas of Application

  • Water
  • Waste water
  • Chemicals
  • Processing
  • Food
  • Beverage

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e-OptioLaser S300 Liquid Laser Data Sheet v1.4
PDF - File Size: (597kb)
e-OptioLaser S300 Liquid Laser Sensor Manual v1.5
PDF - File Size: (3323kb)


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