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Senator 24S Series - 24GHz Radar for Solids

The FMCW radar level transmitter for solids from granulates to rocks.

This device is a non-contact radar level transmitter that uses FMCW technology. It measures distance, level and volume of powders, granulates, rocks, cereals and all other types of solids. It is ideal for measuring the level of solids from granulates to rocks.

• The first non-contact 2-wire FMCW Radar 24-26 GHz designed for solids
• Extremely high dynamics with considerable signal-to-noise ratio for clear vision in dusty atmospheres
• One user interface for all applications
• Proven Drop antenna design made of solid PP or PTFE. Ellipsoidal shape minimizes scaling, making purging systems obsolete.
• Highly focused beam with small beam angle (4° for DN150 / 6¨ PTFE Drop antenna), no need for huge parabolic antennas which are difficult to install
• No need for antenna aiming kits. A slanted flange can be installed if necessary.
• Low-cost low-pressure disc flange



Senator S24S v1-00 en - 24GHz for Solids Data Sheet
PDF - File Size: (3734kb)
Senator S24S v1-00 en - 24GHz for Solids Manual
PDF - File Size: (7692kb)
White Paper: FMCW vs Pulse Radar Technology
PDF - File Size: (763kb)


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